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A growing number of farms are already using a biomass boiler to provide heat, which is used for a variety of purposes throughout the business. Using renewables to power your farm reduces dependence on fossil fuels and, is even more economically viable with the government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) subsidy.

However, to maximise this opportunity, wouldn’t it also be sensible to take care of your existing and future electricity costs. This is where WHTE have a solution to fit the needs of every farm. We cover almost every type of Agritech business, whether agriculture, horticulture or aquaculture, we will have worked with companies facing similar challenges to yours. When there is currently no biomass boiler, we work with our best of breed technology partners and boiler manufacturers to provide a full turnkey solution. Where a biomass boiler exists or is being proposed, we can work with almost any system to add an ORC to the solution which enhances the whole proposition and gives you a way to future-proof your energy costs. When an ORC is added to an existing biomass boiler installation, even if you are already claiming RHI, WHTE can take care of the whole process and ensure all the additional benefits are smoothly transitioned from your current scheme.

A cost-effective way of future-proofing escalating energy costs and enabling a level of independence from the grid is a compelling business case. However, through its partnership with authorised financial institutions, WHTE can offer a variety of financial arrangements, including some where no capital outlay is required by the client. Depending on your circumstances, WHTE can arrange financing where the customer is able to use the electrical generation savings & revenue to cover the monthly financing costs or a funded solution where a 3rd party purchases the solution and effectively splits the generated revenues with the farm – Either was the solution delivers significant annual cost savings with no upfront capital expenditure.

Currently government incentive schemes are guaranteed for 20 years, but applications must be submitted by 31st March 2021.


Use Your Waste
By utilising the latest biomass incinerator boiler and ORC technology, WHTE are able to utilise most companies waste which reduces the fuel requirement and remove costly disposal. Leverage your existing biomass boiler capacity to generate electricity.
Government Incentives
WHTE can provide solutions that are eligible for government incentives, or a solution where you receive a gate fee for the fuel, which make the ROI very attractive for the customer. With our fully funded model or asset finance partners we can deliver a cost benefit from year 1.
Generating Electricity Onsite
Our ORC technology allows the heat from the boiler to generate electricity on site and providing significant cost savings over purchasing electricity from the national grid. Any electricity produced above the site requirements is sold back to the national grid to provide a revenue stream for the customer.


Did you know you can power your facility with discarded waste heat?