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WHTE have vast experience with a full range of markets and have maximised the potential for businesses to generate their own ENERGY to be used again. The energy generated from waste or waste heat can then be used to create a sustainable, more profitable future.

1. Initial Consultation
Understand processes and assess suitability of heat source. Gather data on energy challenges, consumption and spend. Engage relevant partner.
2. Preliminary Proposal
Initial overview. ROI estimate. Preliminary project approval.
3. Technical Survey
Confirm technical data. Full on-site survey. Detailed solution design.
4. Final Solution Proposal
Detailed proposal, business benefits, ROI, technical specification. Project approval. Contracts signed.
5. System Manufacture
Equipment production to determined specification. Pre-shipment testing and sign off.
6. Installation
System delivery and mechanical install. Testing and commissioning.
7. Service & Support
Scheduled service and maintenance. On-going measurement, verification and MI reporting. Business as usual with continuous review.

We are at the forefront of energy-saving technology to make sure your organisation can operate as efficiently as possible

Start saving money and helping the environment today

    Benefits of working with WHTE
    The WHTE team bring a wealth of commercial and corporate experience to the market. They also boast an extensive network of contacts and business partners, who together, allow an unparalleled level of client focus and broad range of solutions that deliver unrivalled business benefits.

    • Strategic thinkers with strong Leadership and People Management skills, experienced in articulating vision, inspiring others and optimising delivery
    • Broad corporate experience in strategy, delivery and customer focused roles, including at Board level
    • Committed to promoting Sustainability, with strong experience in Renewable Energy, and passionate about developing the Circular Economy
    • Flexible and adaptable – able to make strong, lasting connections, build partnerships and drive effective change
    • Strong communicators who work across boundaries to engage and influence stakeholders at all levels
    • Passionate about developing people and championing diversity to develop high performing, representative, agile teams

    Offering a range of bespoke solutions for your organisation.

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