Waste Solutions

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Waste Solutions

Until recent years, ‘waste’ disposal was always seen as a problem to solve. More recently, enlightened companies have found ways to capitalise on the process of waste to create energy, using various technologies. WHTE and our partners, offer several systems, depending on type of waste and quantity, to create electricity, heat and cooling. Whatever the size and nature of your waste problem, we have a system that can not only handle it, but, maximise the potential benefits.

A cost-effective way of future-proofing escalating energy costs and enabling a level of independence from the National Grid is a compelling business case. However, through its partnership with various financial institutions, WHTE can offer a variety of financial arrangements, including some where no capital outlay is required by the client.

Organic Waste
Traditional methods of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) are becoming outdated. No longer is it necessary to pay for food waste collection, to be taken to large centralised plants. These plants are inherently inefficient and notoriously unreliable. New technology allows for smaller scale, containerised plants to be deployed on-site. The result; fewer road miles, zero collection cost, electrical generation, reduced energy bills, lower carbon footprint.

Small Scale Waste Incineration Plant (SSWIP)
Are you one of the UK’s 3,000, or more, waste management companies? Is your skip hire, waste management, or waste collection business looking to take the next step and achieve significantly increased profits? Do you currently have to source an outlet for the RDF you generate? The SSWIP is designed to be installed across the UK’s network of waste management companies, to tackle a problem spiralling out of control.

Waste within Commercial/Industrial Business
Does your business produce a waste by-product? What is the cost to your business of disposing of that waste? What happens to the waste once you have paid for it to be removed? Would you benefit from lower costs, reduced electricity bills, increased profitability and lower carbon footprint?

Municipal Waste
We all agree that diverting waste from landfill is the right thing to do. At WHTE we also have the belief that for most domestic waste, there is an alternative to simply burning everything. Through our partner network, we can offer, fully funded, fully process guaranteed and insured, UK designed and patented, municipal waste processing, using a combination of innovative and sustainable technologies.

If you would like to explore the possibility of generating electricity from waste, contact WHTE now for a no-obligation discussion.

Your Waste Working For You
Contributing to the circular economy, helping the UK reach net zero and fighting the climate change battle, using waste, locally, as a resource to generate energy, is something all businesses should explore. WHTE can work with you to do this, generating heat and/or electricity on-site, which could significantly reduce your company’s outgoings.
Government Incentives
WHTE can provide solutions that are eligible for government incentives, or a solution where you receive a gate fee for the fuel, which make the ROI very attractive for the customer. With our fully funded model or asset finance partners we can deliver a cost benefit from year 1.
Generating Electricity Onsite
Our ORC technology allows the heat from the waste treatment process to generate electricity on site and providing significant cost savings over purchasing electricity from the national grid. Any electricity produced above the site requirements is sold back to the national grid to provide a revenue stream for the customer.


Did you know you can power your facility with discarded waste heat?