Industrial Heat Recovery

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Industrial Heat Recovery

Whilst the generation of heat continues to be inevitable in many industrial processes, allowing it to dissipate unused is not. Capturing that waste heat and converting it into useable energy is a key service that WHTE offers. This makes economic sense and could substantially reduce a business’s carbon footprint; something we should all care about.

Whether the waste heat is in the form of liquid or gas, it can be captured and converted into electricity, useable heat or cooling. Often hot liquids need to be cooled before businesses are able to dispose of them. WHTE can eliminate this costly process and generate energy by doing so. Careful consideration is always given to the continuity of business processes, when assessing the impact of such a change. Secondary systems are often employed, to allow business to operate as normal, when routine maintenance is being carried out.

The electricity generated by the ORC can be used to reduce the energy bill and provide some independence from the National Grid. As the governments drive forward their carbon neutral agenda, it will become increasingly relevant to businesses to become as energy efficient as possible. Using waste heat that is a by-product of the business to reduce its energy bills and consequently its carbon emissions will soon be a strategy employed by the majority as a matter of course.

A cost-effective way of future-proofing escalating energy costs and enabling a level of independence from the grid is a compelling business case. However, through its partnership with various financial institutions, WHTE can offer a variety of financial arrangements, including some where no capital outlay is required by the client.

If you would like to explore the possibility of generating your own electricity from waste by-product in your business, contact WHTE now for a no-obligation discussion.

Grants and Subsidies
Significant funds are available from the government to encourage industry in the UK to harness heat. This is available for feasibility, preliminary engineering and the adoption of technology to capture heat and use it to generate electricity and/or use reuse the heat within your business.
Environmental Benefits
Do you have CSR policies around sustainability and the environment? Would you like to be able to tell the public and shareholders about enhancing your business’ green credentials? Generating electricity on-site, from heat, is a great way of achieving this. At the same time as decreasing expenditure and increasing profitability.
Generating Electricity Onsite
Our ORC technology allows waste heat captured from industrial process to generate electricity on site and providing significant cost savings over purchasing electricity from the national grid. Any electricity produced above the site requirements is sold back to the national grid to provide a revenue stream for the customer.


Did you know you can power your facility with discarded waste heat?