Temperature Controlled Environments

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Temperature Controlled Environments

The energy demands of temperature-controlled environments have historically been both costly and unavoidable. At WHTE we have worked with businesses right across the product life cycle from the producers of the raw materials, the manufacturers, the transporters, the storage companies and the retailers. WHTE has a variety of solutions that allow your company to benefit from the current government subsidies and transform a large part of your energy costs into a revenue stream, using a combination of renewable technologies. This makes economic sense and will substantially reduce a business’s carbon footprint and assist in the drive to Net zero 2050.

The WHTE offering provides the generation of heat, electricity and cooling. In an innovative manner, heat generated by a biomass boiler fuels an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle), which generates electricity. The ORC then provides its own heat, which is used to power an absorption chiller or freezer installation.

In an environment where a specific temperature is fundamental, this solution replaces electrically generated cooling and heating, thereby reducing energy costs. In addition, it creates electricity of its own, giving the client a level of independence from the grid. All of this is achieved with the help of the existing government subsidy RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and can therefore be funded with no capital outlay from the client.

All our temperature-controlled solutions are designed to be able to operate up to 24/7 and meet all current industry regulations. Our project team will design build and install a fully future proofed solution that fully complies to the government incentives guidance.

Currently government incentive schemes are guaranteed for 20 years, applications must be submitted by 31st March 2021.


Up to 85% Reduction
By utilising a combination of a biomass boiler and the latest absorption chilling technology WHTE have been able to demonstrate an efficiency saving of up to 85% which translates to a significant contribution to our customers profitability.
Government Incentives
WHTE can provide solutions that are eligible for government incentives, or a solution where you receive a gate fee for the fuel, which make the ROI very attractive for the customer. With our fully funded model or asset finance partners we can deliver a cost benefit from year 1.
Generating Electricity Onsite
Our ORC technology generates electricity and provides heat to drive the absorption chilling solution, providing significant cost savings over purchasing electricity from the national grid. Any electricity produced above the site requirements is sold back to the national grid to provide a revenue stream for the customer.


Did you know you can power your facility with discarded waste heat?